What Happens In Vegas Ends Up On The Internet

I was in Las Vegas a few weeks ago for a dear friend’s bachelorette party. We found they take that “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas” promise quite seriously. While at the “club pool” at Caesar’s Palace, where we were staying, one of the girls with us took a photo. Security immediately rushed over and erased it. At first we were confused but it didn’t take us long to figure out why they wouldn’t want the world to see what goes on there. Meanwhile, I got a snap in unnoticed.

The Pee Pool, as we would later refer to it. And soon you will know why.

We flew in at night. After you pass the Rockies it’s a virtual sea of black till – BAM – Vegas appears sparkling on the shores of the desert. I have been to Vegas twice now and its preposterous geographic location is just one of the reasons I feel kind of weird when I’m there. Reason #2 is that, to me, it is a symbol of many things I don’t like about the world, and reason #3 is that 5 minutes after I get there I start to like those things. Ok, not those things, but I start to do things I wouldn’t normally do, like pay $20 for a 32oz bloody mary at 10 in the morning (sidebar: not advised in 108F heat), or buy gelato for $17.80 at 1am, or stand in a pool with 200 half-naked strangers who are most likely peeing in said pool because you have resorted to peeing in the pool because the bathroom is so far away and everyone around you has told you they are peeing in the pool, or eat truffled potato chips covered in blue cheese (ok, I probably would do that at home).

Wolfgang Puck, you are an evil genius.

Luckily, I was in good company and we genuinely had a great time doing things we weren’t ashamed of as well. One of those things was renting a pontoon boat on Lake Mead for a day. Folks, if you are going to Las Vegas, are over the age of 25, and do not have a gambling problem, do yourself a favor and do this too. It was beautiful and relaxing. I was not even aware that it was nearby, but luckily for us, the bride’s sister had it arranged before we got there. Lake Mead is only 45 minutes from Las Vegas, and you can stop by the Trader Joe’s off of 515 to stock up on snacks and La Playas. It was the perfect balance to the frenetic energy of Las Vegas. Plus, I found it to be quite affordable when you have a few people to share the cost. We spent the better part of the day floating around under a bright blue sky, surrounded by mountains and we could pee in it all we wanted and not feel gross.

We saw wild donkeys!

And the Hoover Dam!

I came back actually feeling rested, which I wasn’t expecting from a long weekend in Vegas. Who knows what ridiculous things I would have done/bought/consumed if I were on the strip that day. So for anyone planning a trip, I highly suggest spending a day on Lake Mead. You won’t hate yourself in the morning.


One thought on “What Happens In Vegas Ends Up On The Internet

  1. Vegas was the destination of choice for my parents while I was growing up, and in all those trips, I have to say, my favorite activities were going to the now-closed “Wet and Wild” waterpark across from Circus Circus, and taking a 12-mile kayak trip down the Colorado River, starting at the Hoover Dam. Your Lake Mead story reminded me of that trip, which was long, and put blisters on our greenhorn hands, but was still one of the most memorable outdoor trips I have ever taken. Las Vegas is brilliant and I love all the cultural and psychological aspects of humanity one can observe there, but what people forget about is all the fantastically beautiful natural scenery surrounding it. It is also just a (relatively) short drive from the most beautiful place on earth: Death Valley!

    I see you haven’t blogged in a while. I read your Irish Spring blog and the pictures were very nice. I’m currently in Belfast seeing Gary, and while this is my second time in Ireland in the past year, I still have never been anywhere other than Belfast. Ha. I should follow your example and actually get out and see more of the country. Anyway, I hope you blog again soon or that our paths will cross again, on or off tour or wherever! Let me know when you come to CA! Or of course, when you want to go on another China adventure. I’m down.

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