Hunter Lovins

One of the greatest things to come into my life lately has been the podcast and my new favorite thing about podcasting is itunes U. It’s amazing the schools and lectures you have access to through it. You can practically podcast your way to a college degree which is much cheaper than actually going to college and you can do it at your boring temp job.  Unfortunately for me, I have a feeling that if I put ‘Masters Degree in General Studies from itunes U’ on my resume, I would not be taken seriously.  

I’ve been listening to a lot of things out of UC Berkeley, particularly from the Business School and the School of Public Policy.   A while back, I listened to a talk by Hunter Lovins (sweet name) about the theory of Natural Capitalism and it really interested me.

What I think she’s saying is that true capitalism should look at all forms of capital, not just monetary, such as human and natural capital. To ignore the others to maximize immediate profits is unsustainable, not just for the environment, but for the long-term profitability of a company.  She argues that the companies that are going to be most profitable going into the future are the ones who operate under principles of environmental sustainability. She has some examples of how this is already happening.

Asleep yet? Great.

I’m sure she can explain it better herself:

And if you want to hear her drop some serious knowledge bombs here’s a much longer video where she goes into greater depth about how sustainability can generate profits, increase productivity and innovation, enhance national security and how companies are putting it into practice.  Oh, and she ties it all together with ‘Lord of the Rings’. Nerdalicious.


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